What is the Labor Movement All About?

It's about being heard. The labor movement exists because, throughout history, working people have always needed a way to speak up for their common interests in the workplace and beyond. Unfortunately, working people aren't always treated with fairness, dignity, and respect by those who have ultimate power over their livelihoods. A union represents the other kind of power--the power of democracy--to find beneficial, fair solutions for everyone, not just those in charge. Unions are a voice for those who are too often voiceless in the workplace.

Unions help members negotiate the terms and conditions of their employment in a legally binding collective bargaining agreement. Then, we ensure that these contract terms are complied with and help our members resolve any issues they may have at work. With USWU, you can protect your rights and ensure that you are treated fairly and with respect on the job. 

What are your concerns and hopes for your future? Speak up and be heard.

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