Fighting to protect your wages, benefits, and collective bargaining rights

What is USWUPAC?

USWUPAC is a nonpartisan, voluntary Committee on Political Education (COPE) fund. We have created this fund to advocate for our members at the local level.

USWUPAC has two prime goals:

  • Advocacy
  • Mobilization

In order to successfully advocate the protection of your benefits, raise your wages, and fight for job security, safety, and wage protections that affect your employment, we rely on support from members like you.

We’re committed to full transparency with our COPE fund, and it’s our aim to  incorporate your valuable feedback into our COPE program.

Why Participate?

Workers face frightening changes on the local level that we need to get in front of. Anti-worker special interest groups are more aggressive and better funded than ever. As a result, terms of employment that should be negotiated at the bargaining table are now being decided in the governing halls of Trenton, NJ and Albany, NY. 

Example: Chapter 78, passed in New Jersey, took away the right of public sector members to bargain the cost of medical contributions and mandated that employees pay a percentage. No choice, no negotiation. 

But we can fight back.

Together, we will hold our politicians accountable, and stand up to protect what you have earned. 

Your participation at any level is crucial to our success. Our ability to effectively fight on your behalf depends on your contribution.

Who Will Step Up to Defend You?

USWUPAC is proudly bi-partisan and will only use our resources to support the pro-worker causes and politicians that support and protect you.

We have strong working relationships with influential politicians--both Republican and Democrat--on the state and local level, who will stand up for working people’s issues.

What Can Members Do?

SIGN UP FOR USWUPAC. Encourage your co-workers and other members to participate. It is important for each and every member to participate in order to be successful.

USWU has a diverse membership, often with unique and distinct concerns in their respective fields. With USWUPAC, our goal is to address these concerns on an industry-specific basis.

Members can:

  • Provide feedback directly from their workplaces and communities about what directly affects their future.
  • Call representatives to voice their concerns and advocate on behalf of themselves and fellow members.

With one voice, we can stand together and address the critical problems facing working people like you.

USWUPAC — Fighting to protect you

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