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USWU Fights for Collective Bargaining Rights


As many of you are aware, state legislatures across the country have passed pension and health benefit legislation which will negatively affect all union members, but especially those who provide the services the elderly and disabled rely upon every day. This legislation is a direct attack on the democratic traditions of collective bargaining, which have created the American middle class, and this law will have broad ramifications. 

The USWU, and their parent the IUJAT, strenuously objected to this legislation. We are proud that in the counties where the USWU has the greatest concentration of members, every single democratic legislator stood with our members and opposed this harmful legislation. Our leadership and our members have been actively engaged in meeting with legislators and educating them regarding the perils of eliminating collective bargaining over health care as well as the pension changes.

For example, on a statewide level in New Jersey, USWU Public Sector Coordinator Kevin Boyle and Local 1N and Local 255 Business Agent Ed Kahn (seen above at a rally in solidarity with union members) were actively involved in meeting with the Democratic delegations in all the counties where our members work.

The USWU, along with our allies in other public sector unions, will continue our efforts to combat and repeal this damaging law. Most importantly, we will be looking to educate and mobilize for the upcoming legislative session.

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