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United Service Workers Union (USWU) - Workers Rights, Labor Union Security
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In this section we have listed our most frequently asked questions, everything from What is a Union? to specific questions about health insurance coverage. We have divided the questions into the following categories, which can be accessed by clicking on their title.
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General USWU Questions

Some employers will say almost anything to keep you from joining or forming a union. And with good reason: if you have a union, you have a voice in the decisions that affect you, your job, and your family. Your employer may try to tell you that unions cause everything from bad weather to economic destruction.

But the truth is that labor unions are a vital part of any democracy. Union membership is as American as apple pie, and the only way many working people can exercise any control.

In this section you will find answers to general questions about the United Service Workers Union.

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Oxford Health Insurance

In this section will we do our best to answer any questions relating to your Oxford Health Insurance. If you still require assistance, please do not hesitate in contacting our office at (718) 658.4848.

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