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United Service Workers Union (USWU) - Workers Rights, Labor Union Security
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General USWU Questions

Some employers will say almost anything to keep you from joining or forming a union. And with good reason: if you have a union, you have a voice in the decisions that affect you, your job, and your family. Your employer may try to tell you that unions cause everything from bad weather to economic destruction.

But the truth is that labor unions are a vital part of any democracy. Union membership is as American as apple pie, and the only way many working people can exercise any control.

In this section you will find answers to general questions about the United Service Workers Union.

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What is a Union?”

A labor union is an organization made up of working individuals who have joined forces for the purpose of maintaining, improving, and protecting the interests of workers.

What are the benefits of joining a Union?”

The job of your union is to negotiate on your behalf for better wages and benefits through a legal and binding contract, then to enforce that contract and represent you when you encounter day-to-day problems with your employer. By joining together as a union, you and your co-workers have the collective strength to make sure you get decent contracts and fair treatment on the job. Your right to join or form a union is guaranteed by federal law under the Nation Labor Relations Act.

Who runs the Union?”

Your employer will try to convince you that "the union" is some group of outsiders, trying to come in and "disturb the family atmosphere" and dictate what goes on in the workplace. The truth is that YOU and your co-workers are the union - you elect your own officers and decide what you want your union to do by a democratic process.

How do I join the United Service Workers Union (USWU)?”

The process of organizing can be intimidating if you don't know what to expect. Many employers will resist any attempt their employees make to organize. It's important to remember that it is your LEGAL RIGHT to join a union. The United Service Workers Organizing Department can help you take the first step in becoming a union member. We have an experienced and motivated staff to lead you through your campaign, just call our office at (718) 658.4848 for further information.

What about Union dues?”

Most likely, your employer will try to persuade you not to join a union by telling tall tales about the union dues you'll be required to pay. It takes money to run any organization. The company doesn't want you to pay dues because they know that with your own organization you can have better wages and benefits and an equal voice on the job. Many union members refer to dues as "job insurance."

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