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USWU is comprised of 19 affiliated core and non-core locals. Over the past four years USWU has seen an increase in non-core membership of nearly 400% percent. Additional information can be found in the attached graphs on the breakdown of membership by local unions.

USWUís local unions have been very successful since our last convention. They are the driving force behind the growth USWU has enjoyed. We have been able to hold onto our traditional and long-term membership and branch out into new areas and industries. We have been aggressively defending our membersí rights through the grievance and arbitration process and in the current economic climate, our efforts are of vital importance. Our members continue to enjoy the best representation available and are working under collective bargaining agreements that are frequently setting the standards for their industries.

While there has been a shift amongst other unions within the labor movement to trustee or consolidate memberships into mega locals where there is little democracy or opportunities for members to be heard, USWU continues to promote union democracy and membership participation through member-run locals. 

Another structural difference is the creation of Joint Council 1217 in 2007, an intermediate body within USWU. Joint Council 1217 provides support and assistance to Locals 74, 811, and 1031 and soon to newly chartered USWU, Local 707. The Joint Councilís function is to enable its local unions to share administrative functions, thus keeping costs low and efficiency high. The formation of this intermediate body is yet another example of how USWU in partnership with Joint Council 1217 seeks to streamline operations and keep resources available for affiliates.

Locals and Affiliates


  • USWU Local 1N*
  • USWU Local 255
  • USWU Local 339
  • USWU Local 355
  • USWU Local 363
  • USWU Local 455
  • USWU Local 1212
  • USWU Local 2
  • USWU Local 111-M*
  • USWU Local 111-S*
  • USWU Local 655*
  • USWU Local 755*
  • USWU Local 947
  • USWU Local 1996*

USWU Joint Council 1217, IUJAT

  • USWU Local 74
  • USWU Local 555
  • USWU Local 811
  • USWU Local 1031

* non-private sector labor organization

Empire State Building Trades Council

To support our members in Building Trades and enable our continued expansion within these industries, the USWU and the IUJAT are working with other unions in the Empire State Building Trades Council. This Council is a coalition of both independent and AFL-CIO unions united to advance the interests of our members. The benefits to participating local unions and their members include the elimination of jurisdictional disputes among affiliates, a stronger voice for protecting the jurisdictions of the Empire State Building Trades Council members, no unreasonable work rules, no hiring halls, and increased access to jobs. As a group, the members of the Empire State Building Trades Council can work together to better the lives of all members of the council.

Local 355 Joint Apprenticeship Training Fund (JATF)

Local 355ís Joint Apprenticeship Training Fundís apprenticeship program has been operating its NY State approved sheet metal program as well as its service program for several years and the first class of Journeymen graduates received their diplomas in spring 2009. The JATF also recently received NY State approval for its sprinklerfitting, steamfitting, plumbing, and pipefitting programs. This was a tremendous victory for Local 355 after a long and hard won battle, since this program operates in direct competition with other unions who fought our approval. Knowing that our members pose a real threat to their livelihoods, these other unions attempted to block our program politically. However, through the perseverance and hard work of everyone involved with the JATF, we were able to obtain these additional approvals and provide new opportunities for our members.

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